Periodontal Breakthrough: Introducing Ambrilux Dental Gel for Tissue Regeneration

Carolina Montoya, PhD, MsC

Carolina Montoya, PhD, MsC

Carolina’s career broadly lies at the intersection between mechanical and biomedical engineering. Involves characterizing, designing, and manufacturing new advanced multifunctional materials for oral and biomedical applications. Carolina earned her undergraduate (Production Engineering), MScEng, and Ph.D. (Engineering- Materials Science) from Universidad Eafit in Colombia.

During her master’s degree, her research focused on manufacturing and characterizing biodegradable polymeric materials. During her Ph.D. program, Carolina worked to understand the mechanical response of the hard tissues of the tooth, specifically human dentin, with the long-term aim of developing new dental materials with similar properties to those of the natural tooth and improve oral health.

After completing her doctoral studies in 2017, Carolina moved to the United States and became a postdoctoral fellow in the Smart Biomaterials Lab at the Kornberg School of Dentistry. In this role, Carolina is responsible for developing new smart materials, analyzing the structure and composition of existing materials, and testing their properties for various dental applications. Carolina is an author on over 16 scientific publications.

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