Periodontal Breakthrough: Introducing Ambrilux Dental Gel for Tissue Regeneration

Dr. Pascal Kunz, MD, DMD

Dr. Pascal Kunz, MD, DMD

Oral Biolife is pleased to announce that Dr. Pascal Kunz MD, DDS has joined our team as a Business Advisor and as a member of our Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Kunz earned his medical and dental degrees from the University of Basel. He worked clinically for many years as a surgeon and dentist before joining Nobel Biocare in 2007. At Nobel Biocare, Dr. Kunz led the expansion of the Global Product Management Team responsible for digital diagnostics, treatment planning, and computer-aided surgery.

After the Danaher acquisition of Nobel Biocare, Dr. Kunz was appointed Vice President Digital Solutions and oversaw the Global Product Management of Danaher’s imaging and Digital Dentistry businesses. He was responsible for driving the cutting edge development of a visionary open and multimodality imaging suite that unified the experience across their comprehensive portfolio from image acquisition to holistic general diagnostic viewing, implant treatment planning, and the treatment follow up for dental clinics.

Within the surgical business unit, Dr. Kunz forged a global distribution partnership with X-Nav Tech’s dental surgical navigation system X-Guide, to integrate navigation as an innovative alternative to static surgical guides for execution of dental surgeries.

After Danaher spun off the dental businesses into Envista, Dr. Kunz focused his efforts on introducing further automation of the diagnostic routines in the dental clinic through machine learning based automation. This was driven by tooth position awareness across X-Ray, optical 2D and 3D datasets, and the integrated AI powered anomaly detection for intraoral X-rays. This work vastly improved the detection of anomalies and their seamless documentation for every patient visit. This also led to an exclusive imaging partnership with Pacific Dental DSO.


In 2023, Dr. Kunz left Envsita and founded his own medtech consulting company, Medprodent.

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